The Two Ways to End Seeking Forever


The First Rule: Knowing

The seeker is one who seeks to know. But there is nothing to know and there is nothing that can be done in the terms defined by the lack-based mind.

To know is to see.

To know is to hear.

To know is to feel.

That is knowing. It’s immediate, unmediated, real.

As long as you believe that you can ultimately “know”, you will seek what is obtainable till the end of time. Realize this and be free of the obtainable.

Everything is knowing. This is the only knowing. The endless task of the seeker is finished … done.

The Second Rule: On a Pedestal

Place no one on a pedestal. The moment you follow anyone, you are lost. We can learn from another, but to follow another is death.

Following another is to disown all that is real.

To follow another is to deny the one life that is.

You will never find yourself, while you follow another.

Thus if you ever meet the Buddha on the road, know that you have made a serious error, for there is only one true Buddha … this ONE life you are living.

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2 thoughts on “The Two Ways to End Seeking Forever

  1. Most of the comments that I have read so far from you are extremely simplistic. Without nuance you will only add more confusion to those who will read you.

    1. Alain, I am open to criticism, but when someone makes such a sweeping condemnation of a writer and a site, it would be helpful to provide examples, at least for the sake of discussion.

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